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About Hanwha L&C
We are transforming into a world class manufacturer
About Company
  • About Hanwha L&C
  • Network
  • History

About Hanwha L&C

Hanwha L&C is advancing into a global high tech materials maker

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Hanwha L&C ‘L.E.A.D’
Moving Onward to become World Best Construction Material Company with L.E.A.D

Global Market Leading Company Specialized in building  materials_Hanwha L&C

With high quality premium roducts(Luxury lifestyle)offers elegant addition to the space, Through green(Eco-friendly products)energy saving creates new value in the environment. In addition, the innovation of the product(Ability to be improved) and excellent functionality proposes more convenient life, with advanced creative design(Design creativity)and quality leads the market’s trend.

Specialized building materials’ company producing beautiful space with differentiated technology _ Hanwha L&C

Business Vision

Continuous improvement of core technical skill and ECO energy product development, Concentrate on Global expanding and emerging market, New market/product development through core business capacity development, dig advanced new business.

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