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Products Information

Sliding door/Hinged door

3track sliding door

Sliding door/Hinged door
  • If you click on the product images on the right, you can view the patterns and colors of the actual products.(However, colors may be different from the actual products depending on the specifications of your monitor.)
  • The colors and dimensions of the products may be subject to change.
Hanwha L&C

Door Partition

Perfect Harmony by special viscosity wood material Hanwha L&C seek perfect harmony By using similar deco film with inner door

Luxurious door by traditional manufacturing method Hanwha L&C seek masterpiece by applying Traditional manufacturing method

Manufacturing formula of door sash(Unit : mm)

Manufacturing formula of door sash information
구분 Wood PL AL
3track W:(frame width+100_/3
H:frame height-107
W:(frame width+92_/3
H:frame height-70
W:(frame width+130_/3
H:frame height-65
4track sliding W:(frame width+100/4
H:frame height-68
W:(frame width+172/4
H:frame height-70
2track sliding W:(frame width+20/2
H:frame height-66
W:(frame width+12/2
H:frame height-70
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