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Products Information

NF-120 (Master)

VF-143 (New Special)

NF-120 (Master)
Hanwha L&C
Product Features

NF-120(Master) / Welding Type image

  • NF-120 (Master)
    • Up to 24mm glass

      Low-e glass 5mm~24mm glass

      Low-e glass
      5mm~24mm glass

    • Reinforced resistance to
      Wind pressure

      Sash with built-in Intermediate film

      Sash with built-in
      Intermediate film

    • Improved air-tightness

      Double mohair inserts

      Double mohair inserts

Features window
  • Technology-based Windows & Doors Upgraded specifications as compared to competitive products
    The sash is 75~80mm thick, giving it a stately look, while the intermediate film is built-in, providing outstanding resistance to wind pressure.
  • Up-Graded Interior Design The standard, latest design automatic handle upgrades the interior
  • Excellent Heat Insulation and Air-Tightness The use of up to 24mm glass improves heat insulation, and the standard mohair inserts, Reinforce air-tightness
  • Convenient Installation and Construction As The Home Sash Master is prefabricated, It is easy to transport and install, and reduces construction time.
    It can be easily installed in a way that fits the structure of the building
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