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Products Information

BPJF-043 (43mm)

PJ-060 (60mm)

BPJF-043 (43mm)
Hanwha L&C
Product Features

BPJF-043 / Project-Out image

  • Color (Standard)

    - Inside & Outside : White

  • Size (unit:mm)
    size information
    Maximum Recommended
    1Vent 600(W) x 600(H) 600(W) x 600(H)
    1 Vent + 1 Fix 600(W) x 1,200(H) 600(W) x 1,200(H)
  • Glass

    - Single (5mm)

Features window
  • - Refined wood pattern inside the window frames
  • - Air-tight gasket and mohair provide multiple air-tight seals
  • - 6-layer air-tight structure saves annual cooling and heating costs by more than 30%
  • - The dark brown rails of the window frames provide a luxury wooden window appearance.

BPJF-043 / Project-Out floor plan

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