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Products Information

RTF-058 (58mm)

PTF-70 (70mm)

RTF-058 (58mm)
Hanwha L&C
Product Features

RTF-058 / 58mm Tint & Turn image

  • Color (Standard)

    - Inside & Outside : White, Maple, Cherry, Walnut

  • Size (unit:mm)
    size information
    Maximum Recommended
    1Vent 1,200(W) x 1,450(H) 750(W) x 1,250(H)
    1 Vent + 1 Fix 2,400(W) x 1,450(H) 1,500(W) x 1,250(H)
  • Class

    - Double (22~24mm), Triple (30~32mm)

Features window
  • - Excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing with inner multi-chamber design.
  • - Excellent locking and antitheft functions (mushroom cam type).
  • - Draining system easily flushes dust and foreign element out.

RTF-058 / 58mm Tint & Turn floor plan

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