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Hanwha is creating a better And happier world for you.
Products Information
For Shrink Wrapping
Hanwha L&C
With Performance
Since our first production of PVC shrink film in 1988, we have continuously invested in calendering equipments. These operations impart shrink film with excellent shrinkage, mechanical properties, gloss, and transparency as we have been striving in an effort to supply high-quality to customers in the world. As Hanwha shrink film ranked at the top position in domestic market, we are rapidly expanding to Asia, Europe, South America, and Middle East. When you buy Hanwha shrinkfilm, you know it will perform on your machinery.
With Diversity
Imagine your product wrapped in colorful, glossy printing sleeves. Hanwha is supplying comprehensive shrink films, such as PVC, OPS and SPS. Our portfolio of shrink films helps you meet your economic and environmental goals. Whenever we are challenged by new customer needs, we will develop the highest quality and innovative films.
With Support
Whenever you package products, we will be there to help you make the best films. Our sales team works closely with engineers to meet customer needs. We provide specialized packaging with the delicate components and ensure on-time delivery service. When you need the comprehensive technical support, our technician will visit you for troubleshooting and training.
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