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Hanwha SPS shrink films offer following characteristics.

  • Structured with PET+OPS+PET layers
  • Low specific gravity 1.1g/cm³
  • More cost-effective than PET film
  • Highest durability, clarity, and printability
  • Excellent printing resolution
  • Environmentally friendly and no adhesive


Shrinkage max 73%
Thickness 0.04 - 0.06 ㎜
Width 300 - 1,100 ㎜
Length max 4,000m


그래프 설명필요



Properties Unit TD MD Method
Tensile Strength kgf/cm² 822.8 337.5 JIS Z
Elongation % 56.4 324.7
Tear Resistance kg/㎝ 1280.4 471.3 JIS P
Surface Resistance Ω 1010 ST-3
Coefficient of Friction
= 0.24 D1055D
Heat Resistance °C 83 Water Filling
Natural Shrinkage °C 0.6 0.1 40°C 7 days
(Tolerance ±3%)
70˚ % 11 -1 hot
for 10 sec
80˚ 43 -2
90˚ 68 3
100˚ 73 11
What is SPS?
As a Special OPS film, SPS is laminated with PET and OPS films.
Why is SPS?
To reduce the cost :
Due to 20% lower gravity, SPS is available to reduce the cost compared to PET.

To process effectively :
Due to out-layers of PET characteristics, printing and seaming work is excellent.

To recycle without difficulty :
When recycling PET bottles, it is easy to separate PET bottle and SPS labels due to different gravity.

To use environment-friendly material :
When laminating with PET and OPS, the adhesive is not used.
Who are Targets for SPS?
For customers who are restricted from PVC environmental issues, high cost of PET, and printing & seaming
of OPS, SPS is developed for customers looking for reasonable price & good quality shrink films.
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